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Plexus Slim controls diabetes

Diabetic management with plexus drinks

After discovering that I was diabetic in my late thirties I went on the journey.  You know the one.  Life was going by at a rapid rate.  I was busy with kids and running my own business with my wife by my side in everything.  We were super focused on experiencing everything we could reasonably achieve without going into debt and being broke like so many do today.  Well we were doing ok in most everything until I walked into a clients office one morning with a strange feeling but I had a job to do.  I felt a bit fuzzy thinking and I was sweating but it was Florida in the early summer, who wasn’t sweating?  Suddenly I went blind.  The kind of blind that diabetics know all too well sometimes.  I wasn’t literally blind.  I was experiencing a temporary blindness that too many diabetics know but fear all the same.  It didnt last long but luckily the client office iI happened to be in was my primary care physician and I was talking to his nurse.  They immediately started testing me and discovered my blood sugar was 450+- (I forget today)  That started my next journey into weight loss.
I was determined to lose fifty plus pounds ASAP.  I began to take a look at the options I had.  I was still busy, we were still focused on having a good time, we still had lives.  Now mine just included diabetes.  I changed my diet, for a while, and kept cooking for my family as I always had.  I quickly forgot to not eat what they were eating and went right back to my old ways but then I discovered Plexus Slim through another client .  I was talking about my incident at my doctors office and she suggested I try Plexus Slim because she’d lost 25 pounds in a short period of time and it may work for me.

Short story I did try it and I lost 43 lbs in about a 6 month period.  I felt so much better, I could breathe again and my diabetes subsided.  I am still diabetic but today it is controlled using diet and exercise as well


Plexus Worldwide fullfilling its mission

If you are as excited about the things Plexus WW is doing to give back to the community you should really read this article from Idaho Business review:

Plexus Worldwide presented the Boise Rescue Mission with a $5,000 check on June 21.
The donation was part of a Mother’s Day contest organized by Plexus, a direct-selling company based in Scottsdale, Ariz. Plexus encouraged its home-based sellers to share a photo of themselves with their mother on social media using the hashtag #PlexusLovesMoms and to hashtag their city as part of the social media contest. The winning three cities with the highest level of participation in the campaign were Boise, Waianae, Hawaii; and Spartanburg, S.C.

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7 Foods To Permanently Reverse Your Diabetes


Type 2 Diabetics have better options today!

As you are already aware of now, your diabetes did not occur overnight. It is the years and years of ACCUMULATED lifestyle habits such as eating WAY TOO MUCH processed foods, refined carbohydrates, sugars, not exercising and moving around, stressful environments, poor nutrition and exposed to toxic pollutants.
So…reversing & curing your diabetes isn’t an overnight and immediate matter. No magic pill, elixir, potion, charm or spell can do that.
However, the good news is the road to a permanent cure is around us everywhere…it’s an activity you HAVE to do several times a day in order to survive!
Yes we’re talking about EATING!
So today, I’d like to take the time to share with you the 7 foods that will PERMANENTLY reverse your diabetes when you eat them naturally and consistently!
Nicknamed alligator pear for its dark green color and leathery texture, the avocado well known as a fat food. Rest assured these are good fats known as monounsaturated fats which are essential to enhance insulin sensitivity.
Avocadoes are also packed with folic acid, Vitamin C, potassium niacin and Vitamin E (essential for reducing the risk of heart disease and nerve damage). It is also high in dietary fiber making it one of the best food choices any diabetic can make!
Even without research regarding diabetes, every mom has known for ages that broccoli is just plain good for you, but in case you don’t put much stock in what mom used to tell you, science is ready to back her up.
Broccoli has all sorts of wonderful properties that can help you live a longer and healthier life. It is full of antioxidants, is packed with vitamins and minerals, and is full of fiber; at the same time, it has very few calories.
Research has proven that eating broccoli could reverse the damage caused by diabetes to heart blood vessels-found in the vegetable, encourages the production of enzymes which protect blood vessels and cause a reduction in the number of molecules that can damage cells.
These cold water fatty fish is not only tasty no matter how you cook them, grilled, poached, smoked and even RAW! (Sashimi!!!), they are an excellent source of protein, high in omega 3 essential fatty acids (EFAs) which are essential for insulin sensitivity.
Omega 3 fats are also anti-inflammatory and makes sure your joints are healthy and well lubricated. Wild salmon are also packed with Vitamin B and D which helps to prevent inflammation, damages to blood vessels and diabetic complications such as cardiovascular disease and stroke.
However, be sure to choose wild salmon over farmed salmon as the latter has only a fraction of the beneficial nutrients over wild salmon. Furthermore, farmed salmon have higher omega 6 EFAs which promote inflammation.
Almonds are low on the glycemic index, which means they don’t raise your blood sugar levels much. It’s also been found that almonds HELP decrease rises in blood sugar after meals.
Almonds are dense with calories, high in monounsaturated fat, protein and fiber, they keep you full, making them ideal for a healthy snack. And despite the high FAT content, snacking on almonds regularly can HELP you lose weight!
One of the most nutritious of all nuts, almonds are a delicious source of protein, fiber, vitamin E, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, calcium, magnesium and zinc.
Onions contain vitamin C, biotin and chromium. Chromium is a mineral that helps cells respond to insulin, ultimately assisting with blood glucose control. The active compound that seems to be responsible for lowering glucose works by competing with insulin for breakdown sites in the liver, thereby increasing the life span of insulin.
The onion is the richest dietary source of quercitin, a potent antioxidant (also in shallots, yellow and red onions only but not in white onions), which is specifically linked to inhibiting human stomach cancer.
Similar to what garlic does to vampires; quercitin helps to flush diabetes away. Quercitin in onions also thins the blood, lowers cholesterol, raises good-type HDL cholesterol (preferred dose: half a raw onion a day), wards off blood clots, fight asthma, chronic bronchitis, hay fever, atherosclerosis and infections.
Remember the cartoon Popeye the Sailorman, who gorges a can of spinach to defeat his nemesis Big Bully Brutus to save beloved Olive Oyl.
Diabetics should make it a habit to take a leaf out of Popeye’s “can-of-whooppass (yup! spinach is literally spelled out here, you just need to make the effort to eat it) on more spinach as a plethora of nutrients, vitamins and minerals pack a punch so hard it can send Brutus away to Mars!
These leafy greens provide vitamin K, vitamin A, magnesium, folate, manganese, iron, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B2, potassium, and vitamin B6. It’s a very good source of protein, phosphorus, vitamin E, zinc, dietary fiber, and copper.
Plus, it’s a good source of selenium, niacin, and omega-3 fatty acids. Just every nutrient needed to give Diabetes a Knock Out in the first round!
Eggs are by far the most complete food anyone could eat. If you’ve been starving for a while, simply eating 2 eggs will provide you the most diverse of nutrients you can get most foods simply can’t provide.
Eggs are a great source of protein. Numerous vitamins, including vitamin A, potassium and many B vitamins like folic acid, choline and biotin, are also packed into this oval-shaped staple.
Many of these are specifically needed for the health of the nerves and the brain. Through the years, all fats have become public enemies, often blamed for an increased risk of heart disease. Eggs fell out of favor and people gravitated toward egg whites as a substitute. In truth, the yolk is where many of the vitamins and nutrients are found.
Therefore, opt for free range eggs whereby the hens are not fed with industrial genetically modified feed meal.
You see…diabetes is essentially a nutritional lifestyle disease and what actually happens in your body is that diabetes will DRAIN out the nutrition, vitamins and minerals through frequent urination to flush out the excess sugar in your bloodstream.
The foods above are also great for overall wellness of your body. These anti-inflammatory , non-acidic foods are nutritionally dense with key vitamins and minerals that also fights off oxidative stress, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, lubricates and improves joint health, sharper mind and memory and finally turbo-charges your metabolism.

If you are one of the MANY Americans having trouble losing weight and keeping it off, don’t worry! You’re not alone. Now there is an all-natural, healthy, long term solution to help you lose weight for LIFE. Plexus Slim is the all-natural way to lose weight and inches by burning fat, not muscle. It also helps keep blood sugar, cholesterol and lipids at healthy levels. Further, Plexus Slim reduces binge eating and increases your willpower over food. Simply pour into a bottle of water 30 minutes before a meal, drink. It is that simple to finally experience the results you’ve been dreaming of.

Features & Benefits

  • Safe and effective weight control
    • Helps regulate blood sugars
  • Helps maintain healthy blood pressure
    • Promotes beneficial cholesterol and lipid levels
      • Proven ingredients—including Alpha Lipoic Acid, Chlorogenic Acid, and Garcinia Cambogia—that address all areas of weight loss
      • No meal replacements
      • No shakes
      • Fast and easy
      • Saves you time
      • A simple solution combined with water to help you succeed

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