Fast Relief

You are doing all the right things to keep a healthy body and lifestyle. You are choosing all the right things to eat. Low fat, low sugar, high fibre and you exercise regularly. Although, you are making all the right choices, some of the foods you put in your body may actually be undermining your health without even be aware of it.  Yet, somehow you still feel a little off, not quite yourself. Even for the highly active person, you still feel that sense of heaviness and bloated feeling that can really upset your day.

Many foods, fruits and vegetables you buy in the local grocery filled with additives and chemicals that are not reported on the labels. You are probably ingesting trace amounts of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Meat are packed with all kinds of growth hormones, antibiotics and fungicides that were given tot animals as part of the growing process. Toxins can also be found in the environment such as the air we breath that seep into our system through our skin and lungs. These can have a harmful effect on your body over years and accumulate causing all kinds of symptoms of common ailments.

The problem with the many foods that you eat is that so much of it is manufactured and very little is organically grown. In recent years, you may have notice more choices at an affordable price for organic foods, yet even still, if is says organic does not necessarily mean it is naturally purely home grown. With all the processed, radiated, and manufactured foods, your body is bound to start rebelling no matter how much exercise you do every week or what healthy alternatives you choose to make a part of your regular diet.

Your body has a really hard time digesting these foods and ability to absorb the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins it needs for a healthy functioning system is adulterated by toxins and chemicals.

Your body also produces wastes and toxins naturally as a result of using as much as it can get out of what you eat. There is a substantial amount of energy being exerted to deal with the excess food in your body not to mention processing it into something it can absorb for optimal health. As a result, a build up of accumulated substances is stored in the tissues and the bloodstream. Undigested foods and other waste are also stored in the digestive and intestinal system that clog and block the flow or proper elimination process.

Food is ultimately the medicine that can heal your body, but if the body is not able to use and absorb the natural nutrients it needs, even the best food choices will have a minimized effect. There is a very natural and affordable solution that you can do anytime that will alleviate the occasional symptoms that are caused by these conditions. The way out can be found by taking a fast cleansing for about 5 days to 10 days. Detox diets will reduce and often eliminate symptoms of digestive problems, fatigue, body aches, weight gain, bad body odor and breath, fluid retention and general unwell feelings.

Taking a master cleanse detox diet is one way to alleviate the problems. This is a cleansing process of drinking a wonderful fusion of natural ingredients of maple syrup, cayenne pepper, lemon juice mixed in a glass of filtered water. While abstaining from all solid foods for a few days, a detox diet like the master cleanse can flush out your body and the digestive system of toxins and chemical, excess waste stored intestinally and restore digestive system back to a healthy normal balance. You will feel like your self again in no time.

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